• Producer
  • Game designer
  • Narrative designer
  • Branching narrative writer
  • Developer
  • Project manager
  • UX designer


Tuyu Tuyu appears as a game design master’s project. The concept was created as a tool to have a social impact alongside the learning process. The branching narrative game in 2D format is based on real cases of bullying. The main mechanic aims to develop social skills in a classroom, which helps to avoid escolar aggression and promote social coexistence during after-school programs. Players can interact in real-time in aggression situations. Then a teacher can guide an activity where students can socialize with their classmates about their experience.

General terms:
bullying, video games, education, aggression, educational tool, curriculum.

tree story, instructional design, game design, education, curriculum, social skills, social coexistence, game mechanic, 2D video game, branching narrative, story, learning, empathy, school, curriculum.

“I was working on a 2D video game, Tuyu Tuyu, about bullying and its consequences. The game design, partially based on instructional design, precepts and can be played in English and Español. The gameplay follows a branching narrative structure, which has been used successfully in Netflix projects such as Minecraft: Story Mode, You vs Wild, and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.”

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