Lilula has a lot of toys that she needs to organize in her room. You can help her to organize the mess before her mom comes to check on her. We hope you can understand some words in Spanish. They could be useful.



● Producer
● Game designer
● Narrative designer
● Developer
● Project manager
● UX designer

It is more common to hear how kids or adults have learned English as a second language playing video games. In some video games such as “Fortnite ” or “League of Legends”, players are interacting with other players online, and they must understand English to cooperate as team players. During the excitement of playing and pursuing the same goal, players start using English words subconsciously and effortlessly, the first steps towards learning a second language. Players are focused more on leveling up than on understanding a new language. This goal is achieved through pleasure and challenge, and the retention of unknown language as a condition to reach that goal. 

The game “Lilula” originated from this spontaneous conception, where the focus is on the game, and the language is used only as a tool whenever needed.I obtained this idea through the course I observed at American University following my Master’s. Professor Luis Cerezo taught me how a second language can be learned via interactive tools like video games. Then  I started designing Lilula under the implementation of a task-based learning method. This 2D game offers game mechanics for repetition, positive and negative feedback, and challenges to keep advancing during gameplay. At the end of each level, players can understand the meaning of some words, even without a previous knowledge of the second language.

Later, I added another source to the game mechanics to reinforce the multimedia learning process. Lilula not only offers basic text and words but also phonetics on each of them. The first levels show how to promote the first steps of learning that later will be a part of a bigger puzzle to be solved.

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