Personal on Demand Broadcast or Podcast is a way to entertain the audience. You can have it in your computer, cellphone, tablet, or virtual assistant device with speakers almost anywhere that there is an internet connection. For example, if the voice says something that is already known or obvious like “ the sky is blue”, it triggers an image  and creates a reality in the mind of listeners which can be different from person to person based on what they feel at the moment.  This is the magic of creating audio content but also a challenge for the podcast creator. The creator has to anticipate a sequence and throw some breadcrumbs, so  listeners can follow and make their own mental picture. That is where a dialogue starts between the leader and the users looking for and spending a joyful time.

One day I got an email newsletter with information about a new podcast cohort: Podcast accelerator for preparing less fortunate kids for the future. Seconds after  I read through the email and learned about the goals, rules and timeframe, a concept sparked in my mind. I wanted to do an intergenerational podcast for US Hispanic families. I met with a friend of mine who is a sound designer, Julio G, and with the help of a writer, David, we built a team to participate in the program.  After submitting our proposal,  we were one of the 6 teams which were selected out of the initial 200 teams. 

Thereby, The podcast, “Ava’s Adventures with Abuelo” was born.

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