Andrés Salgado started his career in his homeland, Colombia, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communications & Journalism with only one thing in mind: Be a screenwriter. In his first approaches to storytelling, he created a fictional radio series for teaching history to kids. Later, he moved to the United States where continued his career working as a journalist in New York for print media, and Telemundo and Univision local TV stations. Technology for creating content is part of his passions. Later, an opportunity came for web editor also for Univision. This position opened his mind to the digital content creation world. After a couple years in digital media, he got a master’s in game design from American University, another medium to create content. During the time back as a student, he learned more about interactive content, and techniques like branching narrative that engaged his mind in designing new ways for storytelling. Most recently, he works on writing fiction for a podcast that later will be interactive stories for audio and film.

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