● Executive Producer
● Project Manager
● Adaptation
● Director
● Narrative designer 

Xie-Toc, Hija del agua is an audiobook created at the end of 2022. It explores the immersive audio fiction.

The production of Xie-Toc, Hija del agua (Daughter of Water), was developed hand to hand with the book author, the Colombian writer, Adalberto Agudelo Duque. His work has been awarded with several awards in his country and overseas in novel, poetry and tale categories. 

The team was made by 1 narrator, 10 actors, 1 composer, 2 sound designers, 1 narrative and cultural,  musical consultant, the author, and the director.

As the creator of the project, I found in Xie-Toc, Hija del Agua, a perfect and blank layout to build all the places, moments, and feelings from the text to the sound.

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