What can I say about an audiobook? Easy, I can say it is a book read aloud by somebody. Normally, that somebody is a person with a professional over talented voice. This expert knows how to use the pitch of his voice to express emotions and bring the words he is reading to life. Also, the reader can sometimes be the author of the book. In that case,  you may assume the author is the best person to give  emotions to the novel or story that he is telling; however, that’s not always true. Being a good writer doesn’t mean you are a good voice over talent or the other way around.

Having a voice reading the story aloud can be the simplest way of an audiobook production. As a live act in theaters or movies,  sound effects and music can also be added to audiobooks; therefore, you will have many more options for the process of audiobooks creation. The mix of all these elements of audio works very well for fictions, novels, tales, and other literature genres.

Let me pause and go back to the history of audiobooks. Audiobooks originated in 1932, thanks to The American Foundation for the Blind. They created vinyl records for people who couldn’t see. The year after, the US government gave the permission for the production of audiobooks to the Library of Congress. In the 60s, audiobooks were in cassettes, in the 80s in compact discs, in the 90s in your computers. Now let’s come back to the present time when audiobooks are on our phones and everywhere else where we have access to the internet.

What I really like about audiobooks is that they are another way to enjoy literature while you can  stay away from screens, and it gives you the freedom to recreate your own images of the story you are listening to.

Audiobook and me

Audio is not new in my professional life. It has always been one of my interests since my time in college. Although I haven’t published much content since then, I had the opportunity to publish one audiobook , an immersive audio fiction, in 2022,  which is streaming on different platforms now.

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